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2D Animation In Lucknow

Our creative team is super skilled in 2D/3D animation from "script to screen". Our team is skilled in conceptualizing, visualizing, story-boarding, animatics, character designs, Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, layout, background ink & paint, animation (Flash, Toon Boom Harmony, Traditional, Maya, Max), visual effects (SFX / VFX), audio-synchronization, non-linear editing and an overall A/V production required for 2D /3D motion production and we are proud to say that we have artists those who are skilled in Fine Arts and have undergone special training. They are able to give life to the inanimate characters. We believe that the real test of an animator's work is determined by the ability of their characters to the emotions of the audience by their "acting" kills.

White Board Presentation | Explainer Videos

When you explain about your company’s services or products textually, it can be time taking and boring as well. It may also decrease your website’s viewership. Heavy text material on company’s website can distract the viewers or confuse them which is not favourable for a company’s reputation. Just imagine, if you can explain your products or services in a 60 second video which is not just entertaining but creatively interactive as well. Excited….!!!!!!! This 60 second short and crisp video is an animated video which is designed to introduce a company’s products or services creatively. It is eye catching and very appealing. These explainer videos are trendy and very popular these days. They have taken over all the social media platforms and are very helpful in enhancing a company’s business.

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